Dear Editor,

This letter is in reference to the 9/28/23, Page 7, article on Anne Frank.

The article reports that a Houston, Texas teacher who teaches middle school read aloud some parts of the graphic version of Anne Frank’s diary. At least that’s what it was called. With an amazing sleight of hand, The Ann Frank Diary was not written by Anne Frank, but rather was “adapted” by two wonderful people whose children, incidentally, should be very proud of them.

Did the teacher, who read it aloud, have no shame or scruples? Or intelligence? Apparently, the character depicted as Anne Frank describes male and female genitalia and pubic hair. 

What outrages me is that this out loud portrayal was not an excerpt from the “Diary of Anne Frank” but rather a comment from an adapted version Anne Franks diary. 

The diary has been published for over 60 years — and now it has come to the attention of the antisemitic nitwits of the world that the diary was written by a young female, not only to explore Nazi-ism savagery but also to titillate.

What also gets me is that the article (from the Jewish Telegraphic Agency) doesn’t even say (at least I couldn’t find it) that this is actually what Frank wrote.  If she didn’t — but is depicted as having done so — where in the world is the Jewish Anti-Discrimination League?

How is this gross distortion of what Ms. Frank wrote, any different from displaying Jews as rats and other rodents? Why aren’t there protests? Why isn’t this defamation acknowledged and protested against by the Jewish Organizations who raise their funds by condemning and despising the Holocaust?

Where is “Me Too,” who should also be decrying the exploitation and desecration of a young Jewish female’s memory? What does the middle school teacher who read the version aloud (under Anne Frank’s name) consider it:  “Tikun Olum”? Did she think, by reading it aloud, she’d be helping “repair the world?”

Bryan Taplits

Blue Ash, OH