Courtesy of JNS. Photo credit: Miriam Alster/Flash90
Israelis and tourists enjoy the beach in Tel Aviv, July 17, 2023

(JNS) — Israel’s Health Ministry on Tuesday banned swimming at three beaches, including two in Tel Aviv, until further notice after water quality tests yielded abnormal results.

The ban applies to the Nordau and Hilton beaches in the metropolis and to Sela Bet in neighboring Bat Yam to the south.

Other beaches in the area remain safe, the ministry stressed. No additional details were provided.

In June, the Environmental Protection Ministry’s clean beach index data showed that 92.4% of the open beaches in Israel were rated clean or very clean, compared to 85% at that time last year.

The ministry continues to assist local authorities in coastal areas in strengthening enforcement operations to maintain the cleanliness of the beaches as part of the ministry’s Clean Beach Program. The program, funded in the amount of approximately 1 million shekels (some $275,000), enables 7,458 hours of supervision by Israel Police officers during the summer months.