Arnold and Abe are walking their dogs past the synagogue on Saturday morning. 

Arnold says, “Lets go in. I hear they have really nice chopped liver on the Kiddish on Shabbes.” 

Abe says, “They will not let us in with dogs.” 

“Just follow my lead,” says Arnold and goes into the synagogue. 

As he thought, the shammes tells him, “No dogs are allowed.” 

Arnold says, “But it’s my seeing-eye dog.” 

The shammes says, “Sorry, I didn’t know. OK, you can go in.” 

Abe follows. 

Again the shammes says, “No dogs are allowed.”

Abe says, “But it’s my seeing-eye dog.”

The shammes says, “This is your seeing-eye dog? A chihuahua!”

Abe looks startled and says, “Is that what they gave me?”

From Oy! The Ultimate Book of Jewish Jokes, by David Minkoff