Dear Editor,

The need to remind people to be vigilant about antisemitism and hatred is constant. We have to educate everyone about people’s capacity for inhumanity and injustice, as well as the importance of nurturing compassion and resilience.

Antisemitism has seen various forms throughout history and consequently leaving many of us with questions on this type of hatred. It shows its ugly face on the Far Right as well as the Far Left. We must condemn all forms of antisemitism!

I personally have been involved since the beginning and have witnessed the ongoing dedication of others, both Jews and Non-Jews. Our support is growing at a quick pace throughout the United States and thus raising the awareness on the issue of antisemitism in its current stages. But our task is far from over!

I implore all of you to step forward and become aggressively active. If not us, as Jews, then who?

“If you don’t help find the solution, then you are part of the problem.”

Respectfully with shalom,

Morry Wiener

Cincinnati, OH