The American Israelite’s new masthead on its brand new website

The American Israelite’s new masthead on its brand new website

By Julia Olson 

Assistant Editor 

The American Israelite has launched a brand new website, which is now live and ready for readers to use. 

The newly designed domain features local news stories from the Cincinnati Jewish community. The site will also continue to run national, international, and Israeli news in a now more easy-to-access format. Constant scrolling posts of the latest stories will ensure the reader is kept up to date with the most recent news stories. Comment boards are also available, so that our readers can engage with digital content. 

From the new site, readers can now easily access collections of readings from our columnists, as well as photo spreads from local community events. Photo submissions have also been made more accessible for the online user, as have the means by which readers can contact the paper directly via the site. 

The site layout was dramatically refreshed, making user navigation through the site more seamless and content driven. The American Israelite is now also mobile-friendly!

Unlike the previous site, the new design also fits on your mobile screen, making connection to the Israelite possible from a desktop, tablet, or cell phone. 

The staff is also very excited about the new site. Updating the old site was a time consuming, rigorous process. With the Israelite’s new platform, editors will be able to make on-the-spot updates to the newsfeed the second a story breaks. 

The website will also allow for the Israelite to engage more robustly with social media, so be sure to keep an eye on The American Israelite Twitter and Instagram feeds. 

Our columns are also receiving a facelift in the new redesign. Now, on the new site, readers will be able to more easily navigate between column archives. 

Aspects of the website are still in development and will continue to be updated. Excitingly, this also includes our archives, for which we hope to provide community access in the new future.  We hope the community will bear with us while we revamp the Israelite’s web presence, and we truly hope you enjoy our new, more easily accessible, portal to Cincinnati’s Jewish news. We are so exciting to continue The American Israelite’s legacy of connecting Jewish Cincinnati.