By Julia Olson

Assistant Editor

Gayle Levine Schindler, food columnist for The American Israelite, has published a new cookbook. The book, titled “Stocked: Flavor Bombs and Staples For Your Kitchen,” provides information for home chefs about ingredients they should always have stocked in their pantry and the ways they can contribute to everyday meals. As Schindler writes in her introduction, she seeks the cookbook as “the culmination of my life’s experience that shaped by perspective, my style, and my passion for cooking and eating great food.” 

The book supplies home chefs with the recipes that readers of the American Israelite have come to expect from Schindler, but it also includes tips on selecting the right produce, purchasing meat and fish, and figuring out product labeling. 

Schindler, a “self taught professional cook,” according to the back cover of the book, is a Cincinnati resident who “lives downtown with her well-fed husband.” She has combined the knowledge that she shares in her monthly Israelite columns with recipes that are accessible to any level of home cook to create this volume. 

Schindler’s new book can be purchased on her website.

cover of Stocked
Gayle Schindler’s new cookbook, Stocked