Bell’s House of Tobacco, a premium smoke shop right here in Cincinnati, is celebrating its 24th anniversary of supplying high quality tobacco products to the region. 

A celebratory sale began on May 15th and runs until May 30th. During this time, the discerning tobacco shopper can find 24% off humidors, as well as 24% of lighters, cutters, and ashtrays. 

On May 19th, Bell’s will kick off the first leg of the celebration with help from My Father Cigars, a Miami, FL based cigar retailer whose roots are based in a family business in Cuba. The party will be held at Bell’s House of Tobacco, 12123 Montgomery Road, from 4:00 – 8:00 p.m. Attendees will find special pricing, Bells’ swag, and other fun activities at the party. 

Bell’s provides a top quality smoking experience to any kind of tobacco user. If you are a cigar enthusiast, there is no better place in Greater Cincinnati to explore the varieties of offerings than Bell’s. Bell’s is committed to providing guests with superior products, knowledge, and customer service. 

man rolling cigars
Photo Courtesy of the Bell’s House of Tobacco website