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A pious rabbi passed away and arrived in heaven; he was immediately served a meal of schmaltz herring. Though surprised and a little disappointed at this humble meal, the rabbi said nothing. But later, glimpsing into the Other Place, he noticed that people there were eating bagels and lox, toast, and eggs. 

For the next meal the rabbi was again served a plate of schmaltz herring, only this time it was accompanied by a glass of tea. After the meal, the rabbi looked again at the Other Place, and he noticed that the people were feasting on blintzes, soup, sour cream, and berries. 

For supper an angel came and brought the rabbi another plate of schmaltz herring and a glass of tea. Later, he looked at the Other Place, where he noticed that the people were eating steak and turkey, and drinking fine wine. 

Finally, the rabbi could not control himself, and he turned to the angel and said, “I don’t understand it. This is supposed to be heaven, but all I get to eat is schmaltz herring. But in the Other Place, I see that they eat like kings.”

The angel gave an uneasy smile and replied, “I know. But to tell you the truth, it doesn’t pay to cook for just two people.” 

From Alan King’s Great Jewish Joke Book, by Alan King