Submitted by Valley Temple

With the ever-rising rate of interfaith marriages within Jewish communities, Valley Temple is redoubling their efforts to be a warm and welcoming environment. In partnership with Modern Jewish Couples, Valley is welcoming Rabbi Jen Gubitz to run a Shabbaton for young couples as they explore the role that Judaism can have in their lives.

The event will take place on Friday, May 19th and Saturday, May 20th. Friday night will include a special dinner, private prayer experience, and opportunities to get to know one another, while Saturday will allow for in-depth conversations on identity, partnership, and how Judaism can be a meaningful part of a couple’s life. The event will conclude with Happy Hour at Tela in Wyoming.

“Gathering young adult couples who share a similar life stage can build joyful connection to Judaism and one another,” Rabbi Gubitz said. “We’re excited for a joyous gather of Shabbat, for meaningful connections and fun!”

Valley Temple Rabbi Emeritus Sol Greenberg was one of the first in the Cincinnati community to officiate interfaith marriages. His work helped dozens of couples find a home at Valley Temple, and was instrumental in creating a new generation of Jews who saw their diverse backgrounds as an opportunity for perspective, rather than as a shortcoming.

“Since the beginning, Valley has been one of the congregations that has been most welcoming and inclusive of families from all faith backgrounds,” Rabbi Austin Zoot said. “This is another way for us to help to teach people that their Judaism can be a vibrant and exciting part of their lives, and that we are here to help them figure out how.”

According to the registration page for the event, the experience is designed “for committed partners excited to celebrate Shabbat, explore Judaism, and invest in your relationship.” The Shabbaton is free, thanks to the generosity of Valley Temple and the Modern Jewish Couples initiative. All are welcome. Membership at Valley is not required to participate. For more information, email Rabbi Zoot.