By Julia Olson

Assistant Editor 

ish celebrated Mimouna at the ish Garage last Saturday, April 22. Mimouna, the organization’s biggest fundraiser of the year, offered a taste of Spain, Central, and South America. Guests were treated to foods like tacos, churros, and other snacks, as well as creative craft beverages like a ghost pepper margarita. Musical group Noyse Merchants performed in one room of the newly designed ish community space, while staff from Dino Buddies provided hands-on experiences with South and Central American reptiles and spiders in another. The building was filled with the sounds of music, the smells of delicious foods, and the voices of all the guests greeting one another and enjoying the event. Eryn Kipner, from Rooted Soul Creations, created live art while guests milled around the curated tequila tasting station. Margaritas and other specialty cocktails were provided by staff from the Crown Cantina and the Cincinnati School of Bartending. 

Outside the building, a DJ filled the dance floor. Several times during the evening, performers from Cincy Brazil Samba danced in the parking lot outside the ish Garage while the audience clapped and cheered them on. Despite the chill in the air, guests joined the Samba dancers and laughed and danced with the performers. 

This is ish’s second presentation of a Mimouna celebration. Last year, the event was held at the Krohn Conservatory, and focused on Moroccan food and culture. Mimouna began as a Maghrebi Jewish celebration, originating in Morocco. The goal of the celebration was to ring in the end of Passover and to celebrate the return tot he consumption of hametz. Though the celebration originated in North African Jewish communities, it is an opportunity to celebrate the culture of Jewish minorities across the world. ish’s focus this year on Spain, Central, and South American Jewish culture highlights the diversity of the Jewish community in the world and brings to participants an opportunity to celebrate the many ways Jews around the world observe Passover traditions. 

Photo Credit: Taylor Hughes
Dancers from Cincy Brazil Samba perform outside of the ish Garage