Courtesy of Rockdale Temple
Meredith Kahan, Senior Rabbi, Rockdale Temple

Submitted by Rockdale Temple 

Rockdale Temple has reached and exceeded its one million dollar fundraising goal for its Bicentennial Fund Campaign. Kehal Kodesh Bene Israel/Rockdale Temple, founded in 1824, is the oldest continuous Jewish congregation west of the Allegheny Mountains and the eleventh oldest in the United States. The congregation will celebrate the Temple’s two hundredth anniversary in 2024. 

Launched in the late fall of 2021, the Bicentennial Fund was designed to endow its Senior Rabbi position over the next two centuries. The objective was to ensure that rabbinic leadership will carry on traditions of the past, while placing a unique stamp within the congregational family. 

“For almost two hundred years, Rockdale Temple has stood as a house of prayer, learning, and community for all people,” said Senior Rabbi Meredith Kahan, Rockdale Temple’s tenth Senior Rabbi. “As we celebrate our Bicentennial, we are committed to sustaining our vibrant Jewish community, strengthening our connections with one another, and transforming our congregation to meet today’s needs and realize tomorrow’s vision.” 

The Bicentennial Fund Campaign received donations from many individuals and families, including current and past congregants. “The support from current and former members of Rockdale Temple has been overwhelming,” said Sally Korkin, president of the Rockdale Temple Board of Directors. “Our campaign donors realize the impact and significance of Rockdale Temple and our Senior Rabbis in their lives, and the importance of carrying on Rockdale’s historic traditions while sustaining our holy congregation for many future generations.” 

The campaign entered its public fundraising phase in August 2022 and has surpassed the one million dollar milestone. 

Dr. David Schwartz and Josh Shapiro served as co-chairs of the Bicentennial Fund Campaign. “We had such an involved campaign committee and would like to thank all those who participated to give such a wonderful gift to the future congregants of Rockdale Temple.” Committee members of the Bicentennial Fund included: Stephanie De Falco, Richard Friedman, James G. Heldman, Aaron Herzig, Andrea Herzig, Dr. Edward Herzig, Daniel Hoffheimer, V. Ruth Klette, Gerry Korkin, Sally Korkin, Bernard Reiss, and Leslie Reiss. 

To celebrate its Bicentennial, Rockdale Temple is planning a year of activities beginning in September. They will host a two hundredth anniversary gala weekend in January 2024. 

To learn more about Rockdale Temple’s Bicentennial Fund and plans for the Bicentennial celebration, visit the Rockdale Temple Bicentennial website.