(Aish) – Here are nine easy, do-at-home Passover activities to help keep the family entertained, happy – and provide a memorable family-bonding experience.

Make your own seder cups

You’ll need:

  • Elmer’s Glue or other quality glue
  • A permanent marker
  • Clear, plastic seder cups or goblets
  • A variety of decorative art supplies (markers, sequin stickers, sequins, ribbon, yarn, glitter, etc.)

Keep your kids busy during the pre-Passover hustle, plus encourage them to look forward to the seder with this craft activity. Write the names of each child on a goblet with a permanent marker. Give them pretty accessories and decorative crafts to choose from so they can create their own personal masterpiece for the seder.

Passover food memory

You’ll need:

  • Square cutouts of napkins or paper plates
  • Your kids’ favorite Passover treats (macaroons, chocolates, nuts, candies, almonds)
  • Opaque disposable cups or matching mugs

Eat your treats and enjoy them too in this delicious memory matching game. Collect two of each type of Passover treat, place one treat on each napkin square, and cover the squares using upside down plastic cups or mugs. Arrange the “mystery treat cups” in horizontal and vertical rows as you would set up a memory card game. Follow the same rules of a matching game – with the exception of allowing everyone who finds a match to eat the spoils.

Sensory find-the-prize game

You’ll need:

  • Buckets or large opaque containers
  • Small prizes
  • Sensory objects such as water beads, foam shapes, mini plastic balls etc.

Educational and kid-friendly, this game is sure to create lasting Passover memories! Give each child a bucket or container filled with kid-friendly sensory toys, and hide some small surprise prizes or treats inside the buckets. Have your kids take turns answering a Passover-related question. Whenever someone gets a question right, he can search through his surprise bucket and keep the first prize he pulls out.

Get out of Egypt blow race

You’ll need:

  • Straws or cardboard strips
  • Tape
  • Large round beads or pom-poms
  • Straws, for blowing
  • Timer or watch

You can prepare this game on chol hamoed, the weekday-days of Passover that fall between the first two and last two consecrated days of the holiday. Create a maze or obstacle course using pieces of straws or cardboard strips taped together. Place small objects, such as figurine guards or dogs, that will serve as obstacles in the maze. Give each child a bead and a straw. Have the kids race out of “Egypt” by blowing through the straw and guiding the bead or pom pom out of the maze. The one who escapes from the maze in the shortest amount of time wins.

Make “ten plagues puppets”

You’ll need:

  • Socks or brown paper bags
  • A variety of craft supplies (felt pieces, google eyes, colored papers, pipe cleaners)
  • Glue (Felt glue is recommended if you’re using socks or felt material)

Help your kids unleash their creative juices with this fun activity you can do on chol hamoed. Give every child a box of supplies and a brown paper bag or sock, instructing them to use the bottom of the paper bag or end-piece of the sock as the puppet’s mouthpiece. Have each family member think of a plague-related character – such as a frog, louse, locust, or wild animal – as inspiration for their project. Have your kids create puppets using the material prepared for them.

Family scavenger hunt/memory game

You’ll need:

  • Your phone

Another game for chol hamoed, this activity encourages kids to stretch their legs and stay active. Snap five to eleven random pictures of items from around the house, garage, and backyard. Before the round begins, give each player a minute to study and memorize the pictures. Then, give everyone ten to twenty minutes to search the house and backyard and find as many items as they can from memory. Play for a few rounds so everyone can get a turn to snap photos for the others to find.

Make a family centerpiece

You’ll need:

  • Thin glass jar or bottle
  • Metal or wooden skewer sticks
  • Collection of family photos
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Rocks, confetti, or pieces of foam

You can create these sweet centerpieces on chol hamoed and use them to enhance your Passover table for the rest of the holiday. Grab a pile of old family photos and have each family member choose a picture of themselves. Have your kids cut out the faces from the picture into heart shapes, flowers, or oval shapes, and tape each cutout onto an individual skewer stick. Set all the sticks into a piece of foam, or add them to rocks or confetti that line the bottom of the glass.

Create picture autobiographies

You’ll need:

  • Colored paper or construction paper, cut in halves
  • Tape
  • Photos

Here’s another chol hamoed activity that’s sure to evoke nostalgia and can create hours of picture-hunting fun. Dig through old family photos and let your kids choose pictures of themselves at different ages and during different milestones of life. Have each child glue or tape the pictures they chose on individual cut pieces of construction paper. Arrange the papers in chronological order of your child’s lives and have them attach and tape the edges of one paper to the one next to it for a pictorial timeline of their lives.

Make a matzah bread house

You’ll need:

  • Matzah
  • Jam, liquid melted chocolate, or chocolate spread
  • Plates
  • Kosher for Passover goodies (macaroons, chocolate chips, licorice, marshmallows, candies)

Hand each family member a matzah square and triangle to serve as a base of the house, jam and chocolate spread as edible “glue,” and other Passover goodies for decorating. Have your children create, design and eat their delicious Passover snack creations!