A religious man lived a good life and always felt God had treated him well. One day the water of a nearby river crested above the banks and a flood began. While all his neighbors evacuated, he stood fast and told them he wasn’t worried, that God would provide. 

As the water reached his roof, a man in a raft came by and told him to hop on. He said no, that God would provide. 

With the water now halfway up his roof a man in a rowboat came and implored him that the man come with him. He refused saying God would provide. 

Finally, a helicopter came and dropped a rope as the waters rose even higher. He still stood fast at the top of his roof, insisting that God would provide. The helicopter flew away, and soon the rising water carried the man to his death. 

At the gates of heaven the man asked God why he did not save him. 

God replied, “What do you mean? I sent you two boats and a helicopter!” 

From Alan King’s Great Jewish Joke Book, by Alan King