Born: November 30, 1921, Brooklyn, New York

Died: March 24, 2023, Cincinnati, Ohio

A man who lives for a 101 years has experienced a lot, especially someone like Murray who was fully engaged with living for every moment of it. 

Murray was born to Abe and Dora Abramowitz in Brooklyn, New York. He was raised between two sisters Goldie (Schwartz) and Judy (Levesky). 

At the onset of WWII, he enlisted and served with distinction in the Army Air Corps.  Murray survived two crashes and earned several decorations, a purple heart, the Air Medal, the Victory Medal, and the Distinguished Flying Cross. His father Abe was proud to display these medals set in a special frame but Murray was modest about these accomplishments and did not discuss his war-time experiences until many years later. 

During the war, while on leave at home, he met Ruth Halberstein at a party. She had come with someone else but Murray convinced her to let him accompany her home. When the war ended they were married and made their home in Brooklyn. Following in his wife’s footsteps Murray attended Brooklyn College on the GI bill, graduating with a degree in biology. He became a social worker until they moved to Ruth’s hometown of Cincinnati in 1957 with their sons Paul and Fred. Murray then earned a masters degree from the University of Cincinnati in Rehabilitation and Counseling. For twenty six years he served the community at the Jewish Vocational Service. Very quickly being named Head of Operations for the sheltered workshop, which was designed to help people with disabilities become productive members of society and to build their self-esteem. It was one of his proudest accomplishments surpassed only by the pride he had for his sons and their families. During his retirement he and Ruth paid many visits to them and also accompanied them on various trips.  All too soon their life together came to an end when Ruth passed away in 1997. 

A few years later he met Mary Ann Diekeman. They became great friends and enjoyed traveling the world together on several cruises. They shared their lives for almost twenty years until she passed away last July. 

On the occasion of Murray’s one hundredth birthday his granddaughter, Nicole was interviewing him in a video. She asked. “So, on the eve of your hundredth birthday, Poppie, how do you feel?” He replied. “You aren’t supposed to ask me how I feel you are supposed to ask me what’s my secret, but I’ll tell you. I feel like I’m 50 years old but I just can’t walk very well. So, now I’ll tell you my secret…Play it real cool and try not to worry so much which sounds funny coming from me because I worry a lot about my kids and grandkids because I love them and want them to be happy.”

Murray is survived by his loving sons, Paul and Fred, their wives Jan and Mindy and his grandchildren Nicole and Sean, Jeff, Danny, Sam and Ali. Also his great-grandchildren Eliza and Jerry, Everest and Laurelei, Maddie and Miles. 

Murray was grateful for all the people who helped and cared for him these last few years, especially Laura and Joe Linnert.

Funeral Services Friday, March 31 at 2:30 PM at Weil Kahn Funeral Home, 8350 Cornell Rd., Cincinnati, OH 45249. Visitation will begin at 2:00 PM.

In lieu of flowers you may send donations to The American Heart Association