In the Beginning: 1855

Each week The American Israelite will print an item from the first years.

Plagiarism: — If the Rev. A. P. Mendes of London should again find it convenient to transcribe one of our sermons, and give I to the world as his own production, he would do well in not publishing it in the Jewish Chronicle, as we read that paper. So has he done with the sermon on page 74 of the Chronicle. 

March 30, 1855



The intelligence of a community is correctly measured by the papers it reads. You come to any town or city, and the most popular journal of the place affords you a correct index to that people’s height or depth of culture. Let the Jewish press go down, become vulgar, and worthless, and the Jew will appear exactly so. 


Nothing is easier to be overcome than malice. Ignore it, and it is consumed in its own fire. 


It has come so far in England that the Conservatives can not construct a cabinet with any hope of success, not even by a dissolution of Parliament and a new election, and Disraeli must confess it. The next steps of England are universal suffrage, separation of Church and State, free schools, and the republic. The logic of events is irresistible. If the conservatives as a party can no longer govern the country, the future of England is progress.  


March 28, 1873



There are but two Jewish periodical sin the world older than the American Israelite and Die Deborah, viz: Allgeneine Zeitung des Judesthunne, appearing weekly in Berlin, and the Jewish Chronicle, appearing weekly in London. Neither of these organs of Judaism ever received any subvention of state or church or from any other association or private individual beyond the usual subscription or payment for advertisements. They were started and maintained by private enterprise and grew on their own merits exclusively. 


Unthinking persons sometimes refer to the Jews as a people without a country. Should the United States become involved in a war with Spain, there is not a particle of doubt that the American Jews would prove that they have a country, and that they are ready to fight for it. It was abundantly demonstrated in the late civl war what sort of fighters they are. — Savannah, Ga., News.

All of which is true. But we would suggest to our brother of the News to speak of us in the future as Jewish Americans. We are Americans, qualified by our Judaism, not Jews qualified by our Americanism. 


According to the Kansas City “Daily Star,” there is a Protestant clergyman in Kansas City who is inclined to think that the Jews are better than the Christians and certainly much better than the Catholics. 


Some of our contemporaries do not seem to know that the Fred Klotz Adv. Agency is a fraud of the worst kind, that the advertisements put out by it, such as the “Alaska Transportation Co.,” “Dr. Horne Electric Belt” etc. belong in the same category. Not a dollar wil ever be paid to the papers and anyone sending money to the advertisers will be swindled. 

— March 31, 1898


Einstein’s New Theory

Berlin (JTA) — A new discovery concerning the connection between the earth’s power of attraction and terrestrial magnetism, which, it is said, will cause a more profound sensation even than his theory of relativity, has been announced by Professor Einstein. The first news of the discovery was made by Einstein upon his arrival at Kantara, Egypt, after his recent trip to Palestine. Details fo the new theory have not been reveled as yet. Prof. Einstein, according to dispatches revived here, declared that his mental processes were greatly stimulated by a long sea voyage. “Between the roaring ocean and the endless canopy of heaven, the flight of thoughts is indeed wonderful,” he said. “Far from the noise of cities, and above all, undisturbed by the horrible telephone, I could attain a concentration of thought which I otherwise could not have achieved.” 


The failure of the Mer Rouge grand jury to indict any of the Ku Kluxers charged with the hideous murders committed there is a blot on the far name of Louisiana, whose brave and intrepid Governor this evil verdict flouts. Governor Parker has shown a true conception of duty and of right. The people of the benighted section in question have failed to rise to his standard. 


Owing to the exhaustion of most of the immigrant quotas and the consequent dwindling of the number of those seeking to bring orphaned relatives here, the Joint Distribution Committee has announced its closing of the Orphan Bureau. During its existence, the Orphan Bureauz brought approximately 500 orphans from various points in Europe to relatives in America.


A bomb plot which had for its objective the killing of the liberal Hungarian leader Rassay, and the Jewish editor-in-chief of the liberal paper, Az Est, was foiled in Budapest by the arousing of the suspicious of two men. Both received packages, brought by a carrier, but growing suspicious, they called in experts who ascertained the parcels were “loaded.” Deputy Fabian in the Hungarian Assembly charged the ultra-Nationalist group with responsibility for the plot. 


— March 29, 1923


Bake Shop Soon To Offer Passover Specialties 

Passover specialties will be available soon at the Bake Shop, 420 Melish Avenue, an affiliate of the United Jewish Social Agencies. 

Mrs. Sidney J. Eisman, Bake Shop co-chariman with Mrs. Harry A Bohm, urged this week that Passover orders be placed on or about April 19th.
Bake shop hours are from 8 a.m. until 6 p.m. daily except Sunday. Delivery service is available. 

The tea room is open from 11:30 a.m. until 2:30 p.m. daily except Sunday.  

New JWV Commander

Seymour Arenstein, 3098 Riddle View Lane, will be installed as commander of the Cincinnati Post No. 438 , Jewish War Veterans of the United States, in connection with a Purim celebration given by that organization in Rockdale Annex Thursday, March 25th, at 8:30 p.m. 

A charter member of this Post, established in March, 1946, Mr. Arentstein served with the Army five years and landed with the first American troops on Japanese soil. 

He holds seven decorations, including the Philippine Liberation medal, awarded by that Government, and the Japanese Occupation ribbon. 

“Rosie Tweeners,” Name of New Group Formed in Roselawn; Margie Plaut, Leader; Cooking Being Taught

“Rosie Tweeners,” one of the new Jewish Center extension groups in Roselawn for girls met Saturday, March 20th, at the home of Elizabeth Aaronson and Saturday, March 13th, at Judilee Tash’s residence. The ages of the girls are 11 and 12. 

Cooking and knitting are two activities being taken up by the group under the leadership of Margie Plaut. 

Members of the Bond Hill extension group with Sam Shapiro as leader, attended the Jewish Center children’s film showing Sunday, March 21st at the Jewish Center. They met Saturday, March 13th, at the home of Jerry Mork, where they discussed the story of Purim, played softball, and some Purim games. 

— March 25, 1948


N. Hills Synagogue Invites Community to Dedication of Addition April 1st

Victor Levey, future planning chairman, announces that groundbreaking ceremonies for the addition to Northern Hills Synagogue, (Congregation B’nai Avraham), will take place Sunday, April 1st, at 3 p.m., following the annual meeting of the synagogue. 

The addition will give the congregation a total seating capacity of 450. 

There will be expanded classroom space, a library and study, as well as a youth activities room for teenagers.  

Bar Mitzvah

Mrs. Audrey Rothenberg and Mr. Edward Rothenberg are pleased to announce the forthcoming Bar Mitzvah of their son, Daniel, on Saturday, April 7th, 1973, 9:30 a.m. at B’nai Tzedek Congregation, Jewish Community Center. 

Friends and relatives are cordially invited to worship with them and join int he Kiddush immediately after services. 

Daniel is the grandson of Mr.a and Mrs. James Ashby Martin of this city and Mr. Ben Rottenberg of Chicago and the late Mrs. Bertha Rottenberg. 


Dr. and  Mrs. Melvin Gillett announce the forthcoming Bar Mitzvah of their son Gary Alan, on Saturday, April 7, at 10:45 a.m., at the Isaac M. Wise Temple. Eighth and Plum Streets. 

Relatives and friends are cordially invited to worship with teh family and to attend the Kiddush following the services. 

Gary is the grandson of Mr. and Mrs. Milton Manheimer of this city and the late Mr. and Mrs. Louis B. Gillett.

March 29, 1973


Jerusalem rock is heart of memorial at Cedar Village 

By Brian L. Meyers

Staff Writer

There is a new pinnacle in the landscape of the Cincinnati Jewish community. A six-and-one-half ton chunk of Jerusalem stone now sits on the concrete foundation of American Jewish-Israeli relations. 

“The rock,” as it has affectionally been dubbed, was hoisted onto its foundation last Friday as reporters and residents of Cedar Village looked on. This was the last leg of a journey that began at a quarry outside of Jerusalem. 

The rock will be dedicated as a memorial to Israel’s fallen soldiers on April 30, Yom Hazikaron. 

As a relic from Jerusalem, the rock is significant; however, the memorial will also be only one of its kind — the only Jerusalem stone memorial in the United States. (The Jewish Federation of Detroit has a Jerusalem stone moment but it is not a permanent memorial on “Jewish” land.)

At Cedar Village, the memorial will become part of what is planned as a “green space” — a miniature park compete with paved walkway sand an oak tree estimated to be about 200 years old — for the residents and others to enjoy. 

Remains of oldest synagogue discovered

JERUSALEM — Remains of what is believed to be the oldest synagogue yet discovered in Israel have been excavated near Jericho by an archaeological team headed by Professor Ehud Netzer of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem Institute of Archaeology. Netzer dates the synagogue’s construction between 75 and 50 BCE.

Editor’s note: Netzer’s identification of the building as a synagogue is controversial. Few archaeologists and scholars consider the structure to be a Second Temple period synagogue. 

— April 2, 1998


Jewish Federation brings Spanx exec for women-only event 

The Jewish Federation of Cincinnati invites all women to a 2013 Community Campaign event featuring Laurie Ann Goldman, CEO of Spanx, on Thursday, April 11, at 7:30 p.m., at the Mayerson JCC. 

At “Women Making a Difference,” guests can enjoy a meaningful night out with their friends as they discover the value of giving back, though their time, talent and treasure. They will learn how their support of the Community Campaign can change lives and how to get involved with the Jewish Federation through its Women’s Philanthropy division. Goldman will speak about the importance of Jewish giving and its effect on her life. 

And it wouldn’t be a true night out with the girls without dessert! Chocolate Passion will offer candy and other sweets, along with a signature drink created just for the event. Dietary laws will be observed. 

JFS presents conference on aging 

The community is invited to join Jewish Family Service for a free presentation on caregiving and growing older gracefully with award-winning author and national media guest Janis Abrahms Spring Ph.D., ABPP. Aging Happens: Exploring the joys and heartaches of 

this extraordinary journey, will be held 7- 8 p.m. Wednesday, April 10, at Rockdale Temple. 

March 28, 2013