• Wise Temple Brotherhood hosts Men’s Health Night

    June 22nd, 2011 | Section: Boomers, Congregations, Local News

    On Thursday, June 9, 2011, the Isaac M. Wise Temple Brotherhood hosted an exciting and informative Men’s Health Fair. The evening, which was well attended by both men and women, was kicked off with a healthy meal prepared by Mr. Ed Waterman and the assistance of the Temple Brotherhood. All of the speakers were Temple Brothers.

    Dr. Michael Schmerler, MD, FACP, FAAN, a neurologist with Riverhills Neuroscience, discussed “Memory: Your Private Literature.” His presentation focused on the various types of memory and ways to enhance short-term memory as we age. Some time was spent discussing the contribution of a healthy diet and the role of B vitamins.

    The second presentation, given by Dr. Marc C. Schneider, MD, an orthopedic surgeon with The Christ Hospital Orthopaedic Associates, focused on “Common Orthopedic Problems: Tips for Avoiding Surgery.” Typical injuries affecting the shoulders, hips, and knees were presented as well as tips for maintaining joint integrity and limiting stress to the joints. The role of good health, proper diet, and ideal body weight were discussed.

    Finally, Dr. Jay E. Rissover, MD, an internist with Blue Ash Internal Medicine, gave an enlightening presentation on “Vitamin D and Your Bones; Should You Be Taking It?” Dr. Rissover provided cutting edge data on the importance of supplementing the diet with Vitamin D and calcium. Although adults rarely get osteomalacia, which is softening of the bones, low levels of Vitamin D and calcium can be at the root of numerous medical conditions.

    Moderator and chair of this event, Dr. Dale Horne, commented, “My thanks goes out to all of those who attended for their interest and great questions. Planning for next year’s Men’s Health Fair has already begun. We look forward to seeing everyone their!”

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