• HUC presents SCRJ prize essay winners

    May 4th, 2011 | Section: Local News

    On Tuesday, May 17 at 2 p.m., the Society for Classical Reform Judaism (SCRJ) Institute at Hebrew Union College will hold a session where the winners of the SCRJ Prize Essay Program will present their essays. The winning rabbinical students and their pieces are:

    Joshua Leighton – The Union Prayer Book: A treasury of Reform Tradition

    Jason Levine – The Reform Movement’s Response to the Clash Between Science and Religion in the 1920s–’30s

    Maura Linzer – D’var Torah: A Sermon on Parashat Vayishlach – Genesis 35

    Michal Loving – A Responsa on Nursing on Infants During Synagogue Worship

    Ari Plost – The Classical Reform Tradition of Social Justice in Chicago: 1900-1960

    Ari Lorge – Universalism vs. Particularism: An Historic Debate Still With Us

    There will be an introduction made by Rabbi Kenneth Kanter. While this SCRJ session will be open to members of the community, discussion will be limited to the student body and faculty. Each student will have about 15 minutes to present their papers with about 30 minutes of open discussion for all the papers together.

    On May 16 and 17, HUC of Cincinnati will host the inauguration of the first SCRJ institute. The SCRJ will, in conjunction with the HUC faculty, hold sessions, discussions and more with the rabbinical students of HUC.

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