• Letter to the Editor

    March 21st, 2012 | Section: Opinion

    Dear Editor,

    AJC expressed full solidarity with the French Jewish community following today’s deadly attack on a Jewish high school in Toulouse. At least three students and one teacher were killed, and five wounded.

    “What tragic, awful news. Our prayers are with the grieving school community, as we hope for the full recovery of those injured,” said AJC executive director, David Harris.

    “This is a brazen assault on France and French society, and another telling reminder of the dangers that exist for Jewish communities in today’s world,” Harris continued. “We count on French authorities to pursue the investigation vigorously, arrest whoever is involved, and prosecute to the fullest extent of the law, as well as review security at Jewish institutions. We have confidence they will.”

    AJC Paris, headed by Simone Rodan, has been in close touch with officials and community representatives since the shooting occurred.


    Barbara Glueck

    Cincinnati, OH

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